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The association "Il Poggio" based in Montecastelli brings creative and open minded people together. The underlining principle is to rethink daily routines and to broaden the horizon. The experience shows that scientists and musicians benefit from their interaction. Professors and students from prestigious international universities and conservatories (including Harvard professors and Nobel Prize winners) have already participated in numerous scientific and musical events at the Poggio. The strong believe of „Science&Music“ is that the artistic way of thinking can help formulating original scientific theories just as much as scientific understanding can help musical performance.


Endless examples exist, for instance a violinmaker builds a violin - the violin generates acoustic waves - the ear of the listener transforms the acoustic waves into a brain signal - this signal creates an emotion. A musician might have moved the listener to tears. With which mechanism this happened would be of equal interest to the violinmaker, the musician, the scientist and the listener.

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